About Us

Dance Fusion is the creation of Dr. Linda Simon a Scottsdale Chiropractor and Bob Mace a valley realtor. Two entrepreneurs who share a love of dance and fitness. Dance Fusion is a safe, fun, supportive environment for all levels of dance and fitness fusing the benefits of both. “Fusion” describes our complementary, eclectic mix of disciplines.

Located in the Scottsdale Airpark, our studio features two dance and fitness spaces with real maple sprung floors, professional sound equipment, a one-of-a-kind dance library stocked with books and DVDs, shower facilities, and a showcase area for parties, trunk shows, and special events.

Linda Simon is a native of Brooklyn, New York. She moved to Scottsdale and established Simon Chiropractic in 1986 with her husband Dr. Ira Simon. They have two wonderful sons. Linda is currently an online faculty member of the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic and faculty member of Life West Chiropractic College for their off-site continuing education program. Dr. Ira is a published author and lecturer. Linda studied jazz and tap with Fred Kelly (Gene Kelly’s brother) at Pace University, NYC. She rediscovered her love of dance a few years ago and now enjoys tap, jazz, belly dance, ballet, Pilates, and yoga.


            “Dance is for joy. There is no reason for anyone of any profession or age to stop dancing just because they have passed 18. With Dance Fusion, there is a new and exciting home.”

Bob Mace is a lifelong resident of the Valley and a top-ranked realtor. Active in the community, he volunteers for the Scottsdale League for the Arts, Scottsdale Culinary Festival, Eat, Drink & Be Pretty Extravaganza, Ballet Arizona, and Arizona Diabetes Association. He is married to Marian and has two grown daughters. Bob is passionate about all forms of dance. He discovered Zumba about six years ago, started a Zumba class at his church and began teaching classes for anyone who couldn’t afford a club membership. Bob dreamed about opening his own dance studio, a dream that recently came to fruition with Dance Fusion.


“Dance has given me a community, a family, and a place where all are accepted. Once you discover the joy, emotion and friendship of a dance community, you want that to continue. That’s why we created Dance Fusion.”

Meet our staff!

Meet our staff:With so many wonderful classes to offer at varying times, some of you may not have met some of our staff. Bob and Linda want to introduce our new staff member Cindy Block and reintroduce everyone else!

Cindy Block

Cindy Block is originally from Chicago and has resided in the Valley for 20 years. She has a corporate background in advertising and will be helping Dance Fusion expand. Cindy has experience at a canine behavioral school where she expressed her passion of working with therapy dogs. Cindy loves to dance and is thrilled to represent Dance Fusion assisting Linda and Bob in their quest to tell the world about the joy, fun and great vibes found at Dance Fusion Studio!

Carolina Lee


Carolina Lee has been with Dance Fusion from the start. Her passion for dance comes from her mother, a Hollywood professional Belly Dancer (see her in the film Quo Vadis with Peter Ustinov). Carol brings her joy and love for dance to our studio. She works the front desk and is responsible for our deep cleaning, scrubbing and washing as well as keeping us supplied. Carol is proficient in Hungarian and can be seen chatting with clients and Csaba, our ballroom teacher in their native tongue. Meet Carol on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and Saturday afternoons. Thank you, Carol!   

Gabriella Squicciarini

Gabriella has lived in the valley for over 40 years. She, along with her husband, are proud parents of two teenagers. Gabriella started dancing when she was in her 20’s. She was part of the Scottsdale Community College Dance Line in her early years of college and then started taking ballet classes at Arizona State University, while enrolled in the business college. She has been dancing in the adult ballet program at Ballet Arizona for over 25 years. In 2012, Ballet Arizona invited to perform an acting roll, as a lady in waiting, in in their production of Swan Lake.  Her passion for dance continued as also danced at Acrosante’s Vivaldi’s festival for Terspicore Company.

Sandra Wang


Sandra Wang has been with Dance Fusion from the start. Sandra has a background in ballroom dancing and has recently taken Bronze at the AZ Sunburst Competition, Dec 2016. Sandra is proficient in Mandarin, so feel free to converse with her at any time. If you noticed our new beautiful web site, thank Sandra for her hard work as she is our social media, posting and webmaster maven. See Sandra perform MJ Leatherbarrow’s choreography in Conga at the 2nd Annual Dance Fusion Showcase and Musical Revue. Come meet Sandra on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings. Thank you, Sandra!