Youth Academy


Phoebe invites you to Be a Phoenix!

Join our NON-COMPETITIVE developmental youth dance program!

Ages 5-12

Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theater Tap and Jazz, Ballet

Starring…Hip Hop with Tanner Clark, Breaking with Vo Vera, Ballet and Jazz with Vanessa Huntoon, Musical Theater Tap and Jazz with Kayley Thompson!!

To preregister for a Virtual Class:

Click here for instructions for Adult, Teen and Youth virtual students new to our studio also on the home page of this website.

Performance Troupes available (optional)

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For classes, prices, teachers and registration forms please visit our Youth Academy website 

For our group class schedule visit the schedule page of this website or visit the Youth Academy website schedule page.

Special Events: Call 480-625-3900 for details

Hip Hop Week; December 1st – 5th – FREE Virtual Hip Hop classes for Newcomers to Hip Hop at Dance Fusion (youth, teens and Adults)

Breaking with Vo Vera in studio and virtual classes begins for youth @ 6 pm and teens/adults @ 7 pm on Monday, December 7th, 2020

Outdoor Tiktok Hip Hop Workshop with Tanner Clark Saturday, December 12th, 2020 @ 2pm at Dance Fusion and on Zoom. 

Dance Fusion Teen Division