Adult Beginning Dance 

dffinal If you are head banging, dancing in your car or boogying alone….Dance Fusion is here for you!


Ballet: Posture, balance, strength, and core; ballet has just about everything you could want for fitness AND it will teach you dance basics which translates to every form of dance.

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Ballroom: Learn the elegance and FUN of dancing with a partner. Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing, Salsa, Tango; experience each style step by step…find your passion!

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Belly Dance: Be exotic, be fit! Belly dance will taper your core like no other form of dance. Lose inches while you become empowered and have a great time doing it!

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Bollywood: This art form fuses traditional Indian dance with fun genres. Enjoy this lively cultural experience with a great teacher.

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Flamenco: Ole! Live guitar accompanies this powerful form of dance!

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Hip Hop: Own the floor with the boomin’ steps to                                   bring it on with our real deal teaching staff!

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Indian Classical Dance: Empower yourself with this amazing traditional dance form!

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Musical Theater and Jazz: Gotta dance? Come and meet those dancin’ feet in this Broadway experience!

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Tap: If your feet can’t stop moving…learn your rhythm and tap tap tap your way to incredible fun!

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