Adult Beginning Dance

If you are new to dance, returning after an absence, or want to add a style to your repertoire . . . Dance Fusion has a class for you! 


Ballet influences many dances: Ballroom, Jazz, and Modern. When you improve your Ballet technique, you will improve all of your dances. 

Learn the elegance of Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing, Salsa, and Tango. Enjoy the fun of dancing with a partner! 

Belly Dance
One of the oldest and most influential dance styles in the world, Belly Dance has countless sub-genres. Experience the sensuality of this classic art form. 

This art form fuses traditional Indian dance with Indian musicals. Come and learn this blockbuster style with a great teacher. 

Live guitar accompanies this powerful form of dance.

Hip Hop
Probably the most popular dance form right now, Hip Hop is of all that is great about American dance. 

Indian Classical Dance
Just like Ballet, Indian Classical Dance influences countless other dances. Flamenco, Bolero, Salsa, and Tango are just some of the dances in this style. 

Musical Theater and Jazz
Gotta dance! Come and get those dancin’ feet to our Broadway classes!

If your feet can’t stop moving, learn your rhythm and tap, tap, tap your way to incredible fun!