Zumba with Lexi Kenrick By: Susanne Holly Brent

    The word Zumba evokes images of quick moves to the beat of fast music. After experiencing various Zumba classes, I have discovered that the teacher is the one who makes the zoom in Zumba sparkle. There have been classes I’ve attended at local gyms that, let’s just say, involved so much haphazard and rapid movements, instructors shouting commands with little regard for student’s abilities or possible bodily harm, I feared I’d leave class limping. Getting injured isn’t my idea of a great work out. I wanted Zumba to be a fun and safe work out that allowed me to move without concern if I’m doing the exercises fast enough or right. I don’t want to feel as if I’m being graded.

     For those who might be feeling as I do, there’s a Zumba class taught by Lexi Kenrick happening at Dance Fusion that both men and women, of all ages and exercise skills, would enjoy. I know because I found my fun and safe way to Zumba the first time I attended Lexi’s class. The music is varied and lively, Latin-inspired with a few surprises thrown in the mix. The pace is right for those in attendance. Don’t expect the instructor to bark instructions and move so fast half the class can’t keep up. We all move together. If there is any hesitation that Zumba might be too challenging, such fears will dissolve as soon as the music plays and Lexi provides specific instruction at an even pace.

    But wait. Experienced Zumba folks won’t be disappointed. Trust me. There will be sweat.

     Lexi’s goal as she teaches Zumba is for people to “move and express themselves without judgment.” Her hope is for people to “forget about the cares of life” in her class and that’s exactly what happens. I enter class thinking about commitments and responsibilities and soon I’m moving my feet to the rhythm of the beat and having a blast. Worries dissolve. It’s time for me to move.

    A little bit about Lexi — she started in formal dance classes but found herself drawn to Zumba becoming a licensed instructor in 2011. She took this exercise path while raising six children which just might explain her drive, determination and energy. (Her complete bio is on the Dance Fusion web site in the instructor information section.)

     I usually attend her Wednesday morning class, and I’m always surprised the room is not filled with more happy Zumba devotees.   It’s a cozy group and we always have a lot of fun, but the more the merrier. Men are welcome too! I always leave feel as if I got an excellent workout. I never feeling too sore, but I do leave with a sense of physical accomplishment. And ready to pick up those responsibilities I left at the door with a renewed sense of energy.

    Zumba, when taught correctly as it is here at Dance Fusion, is for all ages and abilities. Lexi teaches three days a week, check out her schedule on the web site. And then it’s time to zoom zoom zoom — Zumba! 

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