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By Susanne Brent 

    How many of you are just plain tired of the word closed? I am. Which is why the Dance Fusion OPEN house is such welcome news. The open, there’s that fantastic word again, house is scheduled for Monday August 17th all the way through Saturday August 22nd.  How’s that for some good news for a change?

   Here’s another word I’m particularly fond of – FREE. More good news because at the August open house both new adult, youth and teen students, as well as current youth and teen dance studio members, are welcome to take classes free of charge. Yep. Free.

   Some of us are not yet ready to venture into the studio, and Dance Fusion totally understands. With that in mind, the open house will be both virtual and in-person. You get to decide your comfort level. Either way, get ready to move.

     Dance Fusion wants to share the joy of dance with adults, teenagers, and children of all levels of dance abilities. From newbies, to those wanting to improve health, to anyone interested in dancing professionally, all are welcomed. Of the many offerings at the studio, I love tap, and I’ve always felt comfortable at the studio even if I am not the fastest tapper or the quickest learner. The atmosphere at Dance Fusion is never competitive, yet it is challenging. The best of both worlds. What type of dance do you particularly enjoy?

       I enjoy Zumba, too, and the studio’s wood floors, great sound system and friendly vibe, makes exercising, dare I say, FUN.

    All the instructors have encouraged me to continue dancing, even if I would never qualify for Dancing with the Stars. And not just because I’m not a star. But it’s okay. The studio inspires one to put aside self-judgment, and shyness, and move without feeling as if one must be perfect. And for those who want to perform professionally, no matter the age, there’s plenty of opportunity to hone skills and advance technique with Dance Fusion. Again, it’s your choice.

    There are various levels of classes, so check out the current schedule and decide which class suits your needs. They are all taught by some amazing, always professional, teachers. I know. I’m gushing but see for yourselves.

    And for those current members, those familiar with the studio, it is nice to have this open house as a thank you for continuing to be part of the Dance Fusion community. Perhaps, as never before, we need to keep dancing to stay healthy and remain hopeful.

   So, again, whether you like to don tights and ballet slippers, hip hop to the latest tunes, shake your hips in belly dancing or meditate in yoga there is something for everyone of all ages and skills. I’ve just named a few of the dance offerings.

   To participate you MUST register. It’s super easy.

   Go to https://dancefusionaz.com.   Or call 480-635-3900. Or email: frontdesk@dancefusionaz.com.

    Dance Fusion is offering other discounted specials during Open House week, too many to mention here.  Again, please check out the web site or give us a call and get ready to open the dance studio doors (virtually or in person) and join in on the free fun in August.

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